Археолошки институт представља јединствену, централну научно-истраживачку установу у Србији која је посвећена археологији. Основала га је Српска академија наука и уметности 1947. године, а од 1961. је самостална установа.


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Mapa das Ideias

Mapa das Ideias is a Portuguese privately-owned company dedicated to the relationship between museums, audiences and communities, since 1999. Initially focused on museum communication, the company broadened its services, providing consulting services to other cultural niches. From audience management and communication planning to educational services, from learning kits to exhibition design, Mapa das Ideias has developed a variety of solutions for a diverse range of clients. Of note is the company’s national recognition in the field of vocational training for museums and other heritage professionals.

Mapa’s training experience started in 2003, with the course “Communicating with Specific Audiences at the Museum”, which eventually led to the development of a ‘Museum Mediators’ international transfer of innovation project, developed with partners from five countries, contributing to the establishment of the company in the sector of vocational training for cultural professionals.

This experience has continued onward and is currently noticeable through the participation in the ADESTE+ project, dedicated to promoting organizational change through Audience Development in cultural organizations.

Our experience in socially engaged projects is built through three different avenues of action: firstly, by working closely in several projects with SSOs, such as the Instituto Marques de Valle Flor secondly, via Mapa’s advocacy work; and thirdly, working within the framework of the non-profit CSOs founded by the company’s members, “A Reserva” and “História para Pensar”.


Inês Câmara

Inês Câmara, Project manager

Inês Bettencourt da Câmara is the co-founder and managing director of Mapa das Ideias since 1999, a company dedicated to cultural mediation in the areas of heritage, culture, arts and science. She recently took on the scientific and editorial coordination of the People & Planet diagnostic study on the impact of climate change, which involved 3,500 young people from eight European countries. She has also been a lecturer at the Polytechnic Institute of Tomar since 2000. She has been President of Culture Action Europe since 2021. Inês is also co-founder and President of A Reserva, which promotes cooperation and experimentation in the cultural sector. In this context, she coordinated the implementation of the Oeiras Educa Mais municipal programme, taking over the Observatory since 2018. She is involved in various research and training projects.

Email: ines.camara@mapadasideias.pt

Catarina Gomes

Catarina Gomes, Communications manager

Catarina has a degree in Languages and Modern Literatures by FLUL, in Journalism by Cenjor and a Post-Graduate degree in Editorial Studies. She was a TV Journalist and worked in Publishing for several years and was non-fiction editor of her own publishing House. She is a member of Translators Without Borders.

Email: catarina.gomes@mapadasideias.pt

Ilídio Louro

Ilídio Louro, Internal expert

Ilídio Louro is a project manager at Mapa das Ideias, and President of the Histórias para Pensar association, which aims to promote the relationship between people and culture, as well as to promote social inclusion and integration. He has been involved in a series of projects in the fields of heritage and education, namely the Dream project that offered teachers the possibility to create their own pedagogical activities in the Oerias museum. Ilídio has also been involved in consulting projects at the company, as well as facilitating co-design processes.

Email: ilidio.louro@mapadasideias.pt

Ana Fernambuco

Ana Fernambuco, Project Assistant

Ana Fernambuco is founder and CFO at Mapa das Ideias, has a Master Degree in Sociology and is a Member of ICOM Portugal and former Higher Education professor in Urban Sociology (at the Lusíada University) and in areas as Marketing, Psycho-sociology and Social Communication (at the Polytechnic Institute of Tomar). She has led a number of training programs for museum professionals, development of Education Services Programmes, and has also participated in the management and implementation of international cooperation projects. Ana was also the local coordinator of the state prevention program for juvenile delinquency “Escolhas” (Choices), and scientific coordinator of the Alkantara project, which aimed to fight social delinquency and social exclusion and promote social integration in the Casal Ventoso neighbourhood.

Email: ana.fernambuco@mapadasideias.pt

Ivo Oosterbeek

Ivo Oosterbeek, Project Assistant

Ivo Oosterbeek has Master Degrees in Prehistoric Archaeology and in Science Communication and a graduate degree in Editorial Design. At Mapa das Ideias, is involved in the application design and technical management of international cooperation projects, and has been involved in co-design practices and design within the scope of the Adeste+ and MEMEX projects.

Email: ivo.oosterbeek@mapadasideias.pt

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