Археолошки институт представља јединствену, централну научно-истраживачку установу у Србији која је посвећена археологији. Основала га је Српска академија наука и уметности 1947. године, а од 1961. је самостална установа.




Dancing Histor(y)ies involves thirteen institutions from eleven different European countries with extensive experience in managing cultural sites, performing arts, dance production, research and training, as well as designing, managing, and evaluating EU-funded projects. From here derives its operational objective, namely that of creating a European dialogue that arises from the meeting of the southern Mediterranean area where the cultural sites are located (Spain, Italy, Greece, the Republic of Serbia) with the North, Center and Eastern Europe (Sweden, Czech Republic, Poland, Bulgaria) from where the artistic partners come. The diverse nature of the organizations involved allows the project to benefit from different perspectives that contribute to improving and promoting international dialogue and cooperation among cultural organizations. The encounter between cultures will also be accompanied by technical partners (coming from countries spanning the two identified macro-areas: Portugal, Spain, Hungary, and Cyprus), who will manage the cross-disciplinary processes aimed at co-creating value.

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