Археолошки институт представља јединствену, централну научно-истраживачку установу у Србији која је посвећена археологији. Основала га је Српска академија наука и уметности 1947. године, а од 1961. је самостална установа.


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  • Address: Iolkou & Analipseos, Volos, 38333, MAGNESIA
  • Tel: 242135253
  • Email: ekpol.magn@yahoo.gr

EKPOL, the Social & Cultural Council of the Region of Thessaly, Greece, is a civil non-profit organization founded in 1996, operating as body of general government. Led by a board appointed by the regional government and managed by Director Mr. Dimitris Apostolou and Executive of Finance Mrs. Maria Papantoniadou, EKPOL addresses societal challenges by supporting vulnerable groups and fostering strategies for social inclusion, cohesion, and development. In the cultural realm, EKPOL endeavors to document and study services, associations, and organizations related to culture, education, sports, health, and social care in Magnesia Prefecture. Emphasizing the promotion of local cultural tradition and identity, EKPOL supports research, development of restoration techniques, and the preservation of cultural heritage. Through cooperation actions at national and international levels, EKPOL facilitates communication, implements community programs, and engages in projects with Third World countries. In the field of social intervention, EKPOL focuses on addressing current societal issues in Magnesia, implementing programs for the protection of vulnerable groups, preventing social exclusion, and promoting physical and mental health. The organization actively participates in various projects, both nationally and internationally, aligning with its mission to create positive social impact. With a commitment to cultural development and social well-being, EKPOL plays a crucial role in fostering a vibrant and inclusive community in the Region of Thessaly.


Stefanos Dimoulas

Stefanos Dimoulas, Artistic director

Artistic director

Stefanos Dimoulas from Volos, Greece, graduated with a full scholarship from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland with a BA in Arts (Modern Ballet and Acting Realism). Since the age of 4, he has worked with prestigious institutions worldwide as a performer and choreographer, including The Royal Opera House, Sadler’s Wells, Anti-thesis Dancetheatre, National Geographic US, and Welsh National Opera, as well as creatives such as Ballo Arthur Pita, Kate Moss, Röyksopp, and Alicia Keys.

In 2021, Stefanos received the highest grant from the Hellenic Ministry of Culture & Sports and the Greek National Opera to create his production of “TITAN PROMETHEUS” which was sold-out in just 97 minutes. By 2022, he became the youngest Greek Judge on Dancing With The Stars, the first Greek on the cover of Attitude, the UK’s top LGBTQIA+ magazine, and was also selected as 1 out of 50 European Changemakers by the European Parliament. His TEDx Talk, ‘I am not just a dancer,’ has garnered over 130k views.

In 2023, he made history as the first Greek artist listed on Forbes 30Under30 in Europe for Arts & Culture.

Since 2020, Stefanos is the Founder of Culture Select, an artist-run nonprofit committed to supporting performing professionals through multifaceted productions and a mentorship program. Operating between the UK and Greece, he functions as a versatile dance creative, engaging in roles as a performer, creator, producer, and artistic director.

Email: sd@stefanosdimoulas.com

Website: www.stefanosdimoulas.com

Dimitrios Apostolou

Dimitrios Apostolou, Project manager

Project manager

Dimitrios Apostolou, a distinguished professional, holds a bachelor’s degree in History, Archaeology, and Social Anthropology from Aristotle’s University of Thessaloniki. He furthered his education with an MA in Adult Education and an MSc in Urban and Regional Planning. Additionally, he earned a Postgraduate Erasmus Scholarship in Classical Archaeology and History of Art from Ludwig-Maximilian Universität Zu Műnchen, Germany.

Currently a full-time teacher in Volos, Dimitrios also directs the Social and Cultural Council of the Region of Thessaly. Since 1997, he has excelled in managing National and EU-funded projects, covering areas such as Employment, Women, Youth, Health, Sustainable Development, Culture, and Social Economy.

Dimitrios specializes in counseling, support services, and vocational training, making notable contributions to initiatives for the unemployed, immigrants, and the underprivileged. A polyglot, he is fluent in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

Email: dimitrisapostolou69@gmail.com

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